The most important stages of our company history.

The most important stages of our company history.


Adam Trautwein founds the winegrowing and trading company that bears his name.


Wilhelm Trautwein manages the business of the company founder.


The married couple Erna and Wilhelm Trautwein jointly manage the fortunes of the company. With the new stainless-steel-tank storage, they lay the foundation stone for further expansion.


Establishment of the wine agency St. Margaret’s GmbH for the purchase of grapes and must as an intermediary between producers and bulk-wine customers.


After the sudden death of his father, his son Wolfgang takes over management at the age of 28. The entrepreneur invests steadily in innovative cellar technologies and increases the storage capacity of the winery to a total of 64 million liters


Starting up the world’s first anaerobic treatment plant for viticultural wastewater


Günther Rösch and Wolfgang Trautwein found the Rösch GmbH as a forwarding agency for tank transports with 22 tankers today: www.roesch-spedition.de


Acquisition of a modern winery in Hajos in southern Hungary and foundation of Trautwein Hungaria Kft.

Activation of a dealcoholization plant in Lonsheim


Purchase and general renovation of an additional production facility with grape reception in Westhofen in Rheinhessen.


Foundation of a joint project with regional vintners for the production of German organic grape juice and soda: www.puretraube.de


Foundation of Füll Gut GmbH www.füllgut.de in Westhofen as a service provider for contract bottling.

Modernization and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant in Lonsheim.

The great-grandson of the company founder Johannes Trautwein joins the company. He also establishes his own winery and launches his first own line of wine with the 2019 vintage. www.jtrautwein.wine


Contract dealcoholization in smaller container sizes (from 2000 liters).

Acquisition of a plant in Meddersheim and management of a grape-reception facility in the Nahe wine region.